The Top Five Items On My Summer Bucket List

Gabe has 7 more days of school. Do you remember that feeling? The feeling of freedom right at your fingertips? He is so excited for summer break. I know he will miss his friends but his excitement is contagious and nostalgic. Days of sleeping late and doing anything I wanted around the house. Sure, my mom made sure we had chores and certain things had to be done but I’d trade a week of work for that almost any day. The close of the school year, paired with the Oklahoma heat, has me thinking about summer activities and what I want to see out of this time. So, I’ve started a summer bucket list. I wanted to share with you what I’m adding to my list and see what’s on your summer bucket list. Be sure to list some of your items below in the comments.


Read Three Books



I love to read and I tend to go through phases on reading. I’m currently on the not end of that phase and I’m ready to pick up some books and get to reading. Since I usually don’t have a ton of time to read, I really enjoying reading a couple chapters before bed. This helps me to settle in and is more relaxing than playing on my phone.


Find a Workout Regime



While I love Oklahoma and that I get to see all four seasons each year, I always have a hard time bouncing back after winter. I’d really love to get into working out 3 or 4 times a week. While I love to run, the Oklahoma heat goes into overtime around the beginning of July and I will need to find other ways to work up a sweat. I personally love the ToneItUp workouts and a good Yoga video when the weather is not in my favor, but what I’d really love to do is to take up swimming laps.


Be More Present



My family loves to tease me and tell me that I’m addicted to my phone. While I wouldn’t say that’s 100% true, I would admit that I tend to have a hard time putting my phone down from time to time.  My boys are growing so quick and Mikah will be starting school in the fall, so now is as good as anytime to put the phone down and get out there with them. After all, I’m sure they won’t want to play with me in a few short years.


Cook More



I recently got into a terrible habit of not cooking. I easily get deflated since my kids only love foods from the freezer aisle, but I’m feeling ready to fight the good fight again. I’m seriously missing fresh foods and the creativity that cooking allows me. Plus, the boys love to help in the kitchen so I’ll get in some extra family time.


Invite Summer In



I plan to start this with decluttering our home because a clean house gives me such a piece of mind. If I have less stuff, then I’ll have less to clean. The airiness of a clean, clutter free home not only sounds appealing but also brings comfort and peace to my mind instantly. Next, refreshing our home with pillow and blankets that are cozy but also breathable. Many of our blankets are warm and cozy, which equals hot and sticky in the summer months. Finally, I’ll be finishing our outdoor area so we can enjoy it all summer long!


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