The Tradition Continues

I tend to be a Grinch. It’s not that I don’t love the holiday season, it just takes me a while to get warmed up and excited to celebrate. While it tends to give most people energy, the last few years it has seemed to drain me. I think it is because we are always so busy during this time of the year. It seems like there is no time to just relax as a family or find some time for just me. The last few years I have finally found some ways to start getting excited about the holidays while not exhausting myself and my family, although let’s be honest – my children have limitless energy and seem to never be exhausted. If only I could be so lucky! Having some family traditions to look forward to that not only help to bring in the holiday spirit but also don’t keep us too busy have been uber helpful in warding off my Grinchiness.

Our First Tradition

The first tradition we shared as a family was opening one present as a family on Christmas Eve. Odds are that your family also has this tradition as it seems to be a pretty popular one! On Christmas Eve, when we get back from Church and Christmas Eve dinner with David’s family, we gather around the Christmas tree and open our first present: Christmas PJs. My boys definitely inherited their love of comfy clothes from David and I, so they are more than excited for new cozy pjs. Then, depending on the time, we spend a little time watching a Christmas movie, playing a game, or finding out where Santa is (oh, how I love holiday technology!)  before hurrying off to bed!

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Our Second Tradition

A few years ago, our elf came to us. He wasn’t very active his first year as he stayed on our tree the whole Christmas season. Maybe he was just scared about being away from home and in a new place. Then the next year he came back while my brother and sister-in-law were temporarily staying with us and he was much more active. He started causing all sorts of mischief and showing his true craziness. The boys named him Kirby Iron Man and the true joy of the elf was born. The boys were both so excited for Kirby Iron Man to come home this year that they wanted to write him letters in hopes that he would be home soon. The only disappointment is when someone goes to bed too late and Kirby Iron Man doesn’t have time play at night.

Our Third Tradition

Last year, Gabe brought home a paper chain that he made in school. This was another small thing that we could do as a family that the boys think is so fun. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest! My favorite part is that it is inexpensive and adds a a sense of reminiscence of my childhood. This year we made our own. We weren’t very creative, as we just did ours in green and red, but it was something fun we could do as a family while we drank hot chocolate. After all, it’s the little things.

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Our New Tradition

To this day, my mom still can decorate a house for Christmas better than anyone. She just knows how to make a home feel cozy and welcoming. We also had multiple Christmas trees, all artificial. So, when David and I got our first tree, we got an artificial tree. We used that tree every year. We also inherited a large artificial tree from David’s parents. Last year we threw both trees away. The large tree was extremely heavy and the pre-lit lights no longer worked. The small tree’s plastic stand broke, which broke my heart a little, and would no longer stand up. About 3 weeks ago, I remember that we threw our trees away and we were treeless. It was at that moment, we decided to try a real tree. I’m super paranoid about it catching fire so we check the water daily, have it pulled out away from the wall, and we purchased LED lights since they put off less heat. But honestly, it’s been great! It looks and smells wonderful and we haven’t had much needle loss. Plus it gave our family a great reason to go outside and do something together, which I love!

Share you family traditions in the comments below!


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  • Jennifer
    December 13, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    We decorate cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! A new tradition we started this year is an AdventTree Calendar!

    • Lawren
      January 2, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      I would love to decorate cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! We have a tradition to hang out at my husband’s grandmother’s house after church so we always get home so late. Maybe one day! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!