School is Out, Now What?!

School ended a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been searching for ways for the boys to burn off their energy before bedtime. As many boy moms know, those sweet angels of ours seem to hit an all-time energy high right before bedtime. It’s like the witching hours at our house including but not limited to racing through the house, arguing, yelling, and most of all: wrestling. Being the good mother I am, I try to let them work of the energy outside. It seems kids do not get outside enough and sometimes some fresh air is just what you need to get a good nights sleep. I’ve come across some low to no-cost ideas that I think might help the boys but also benefit me [WIN!] and so, I thought I’d share them with you!

Water Wars

Our city opened up a splash pad a year or so ago and I recently took the boys to play. While it was definitely packed, they both seemed to enjoy running through the water and making new friends. Since there is no cost [WOO!] the boys can enjoy the water until their little hearts are all tuckered out! Plus, what better place to make some new mom-friends.

Other Option: Let the kids play in the sprinkler!

Pool Time

Another water option is to head to a pool! I’ve never seen my boys sleep as hard as they do after a couple hours of swimming. Our neighborhood has a pool that we frequent regularly. This allows the boys to swim for hours while momma can get a little bit of sun.

Other Option: Take the kids to a city pool!

Park Lover

If kids had to choose over Mac-n-cheese or playing at the park, I honestly don’t know what they would pick. I can honestly say that I have never met a kid that didn’t enjoy playing at the park. Sometimes we take a soccer ball and other times we play hide-and-seek. Not only does this help get out the built up energy, but it also helps kids with they social skills! After all, everyone wants to join in the fun.

Other Option: Play in the front yard and invite other kids!

Walk It Out

Now that our weather in Oklahoma has been nice for a while, we like to take family walks around our neighborhood after dinner. It helps our family get some exercise and enjoy our neighborhood. We even let the boys play Pokèmon Go. It helps keep them busy while still getting out of the house! Sometimes we even get to catch a couple fireflies!

Other Option: Find your local walking trails!

Do You Wanna Build A Fort?

Sometimes, you just can’t get outside because the weather isn’t in your favor. When this happens, we bring the outdoors in and build a fort! Kids love a good fort and you can trick their internal clocks by turning off the lights. We love to read books and play board games in our forts. Plus, kids love to sleep in a fort that they’ve built!

Other Option: Sleeping palette in the living room with movie night!

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How do you keep your kids from getting stir crazy in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!!


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