Personal Post: My Family

While I share enjoy sharing my family’s daily activities on my Instagram in my stories, I haven’t shared much more about my family. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it might be fun to write about something a little more personal. Mother’s Day is a holiday that gets better every year for me. Part of the reason is because I understand and can relate so much more with my own mom. Sometimes we sit and talk about when I was and child and other times we talk about my boys. I feel like motherhood, in all forms, can connect people in so many ways. On that note, here’s my story to motherhood.

To say I was a different person before becoming a mother, is a complete understatement. It feels like night and day. I was 19 when I met my husband. I was how they say – young, wild, and free. My spirit was light and the world was ahead of me. I was untouchable, obviously. As a low-level manager at PacSun [the coolest], I was living the dream. I met David on his first day of work. I was coming off lunch and had no idea what was about to happen to my perfect world. He greeted my boss and I as we walked in and my first words to my future husband were ” It’s cool, we work here”. [facepalm] He still won’t let me live that down. Over the next month, David and I became quick friends. We flirted at work, had lunch together, and even started hanging out outside of work. David has a lot of amazing qualities but the first 3 I noticed were his kind nature [he is always willing to help anyone at anytime], his ability to make me laugh until I cry, and that he is the most selfless person.

We soon started dating and quickly moved in together. When 2 become 1, sometimes they actually become 3. When I found out I was pregnant, now at age 20, I was in shock to say the least. While I’d always wanted to be a mother, I’d recently decided that motherhood was better for a later day and later age. I hate to admit it but I struggled for a while with being “unexpectedly” pregnant. In all reality, how unexpected can a pregnancy be when you know how babies are made?! Once I was pass the morning sickness, I felt my strength come back both mentally and physically. I was ready to take on motherhood and conquer my fears and doubts that I was carrying. And I did, until I read too many baby books and freaked myself out on all the possibilities of everything going wrong. Luckily, my doctor is slightly old school and was able to calm my nerves by telling me to get over it and have a soda. Well, he didn’t exactly tell me the that but that’s how it registered in my head.

The Day

The day I actually became a mother was magical. Here are a couple quick facts:

  • The year my oldest was born was the year everyone was panicked about swine flu so only 2 visitors could be in my room at 1 time and David counted as one. Also, nobody under 18 was allowed in the hospital.
  • I was 3 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced for weeks 37-40. I walked in the hospital at 4 centimeters dilated and I had an epidural when I was 7.5 centimeters dilated.
  • My water broke twice, on it’s own.

There is nothing like the feeling when someone places your baby in your hands for the first time. The overwhelming joy that you experience. There are truly no words. You see the world differently and similar to the Grinch, I believe you heart truly grows at least 3 times larger. A couple years later we had another little man added to our family, which equals one happy and tired mom.

Motherhood is a constant struggle. The inconsistency I feel as a mother is equally exhausting. One day, I’m on top of the world and I have all my little ducklings in a row. I’ve risen with the sun, we leave the house 10 minutes early, and everyone eats what I cook. The next, I’m crying in my car before work and spilling coffee down my brand new white shirt. On the other side, motherhood is so rewarding. To see your child succeed and make choices that show good character and intelligence, its outstanding. Watching children grow is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’m just getting started. The love that I feel for my children, it hurts sometimes because it’s so strong and overwhelming.

I believe it is important to celebrate all mothers on Mother’s Day, as mothers come in many different forms. Also, mothering does not stop with the mother. I believe the saying goes “It takes a village.” And believe me, it definitely does!


I hope you all have a chance to celebrate and be celebrated!

Happy early Mother’s Day!


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