My Lazy Guide to Fall Trends

Overall, I tend to stick to the classics. Stripes and basic colors are my best friend. The most I usually venture out is a pop of color. This is especially true with my workwear. Although I work an a University and our dress code is business casual, I find it hard to branch too far out. That being said, I’ve been reading some trend reports this fall and there are some trends that I am excited to try. I think I am mostly excited that some of the trends are wearable for work and out of the office, which I consider the ultimate win-win! On the other hand, I’m also sharing a couple trends that are not for me. Either way, these trends are all easy to accomplish!

Chelsea Lankford

Trend 1: Moody Florals


You know those girls that just glow with femininity and grace, I’m not one of them. I have a dear friend at work and I just awe at her dainty femininity as she is the utmost graceful person I know. While I do admire this about her, it just isn’t my style. That being said, I can totally get behind moody florals. I love the mysteriousness they give to the ever-so chic floral pattern, which I think makes them much more wearable!



Trend 2: Red


I currently have one red shirt in my closet, literally one. Honestly it has almost nothing to do with any dislike I have for the color red, it’s more that I chosen orange to love. I am willing to open my heart and my closet to the color red the season. After all, why choose one color when you can have all the colors.


Trend 3: Anything-But-Denim Pants

I am all about the change from denim. Please don’t misread that as I am no longer wearing denim, jeans will forever have a place in my heart. I have been growing tired of my dress for far too long. The options (some over the last few years and some for recent) for track pants, joggers, Ponte pants, and (my most favorite)paper bag pants give me so much joy and inspiration for my closet. It’s like a breathe of fresh fall air!

My No-Go Trends

White Boots


I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about white shoes after NYFW. While I love a good pair of Van’s style sneakers, those that know me that know this will be a no-go trend for me. I personally think the look is great and can be beautiful when done correctly. For me though, I’m a mess and I am pretty hard on shoes. Honestly, it’s just an impractical trend for me.


Mini Purse

Life to Lauren

I’m not talking about the cross body purses that everyone loves, this is more of the life-size purse that found it’s way into the dryer on high heat. With two kids and working full-time, a mini purse is basically my nightmare. This may make me a hoarder of some sorts, but that is something I will happily accept!


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