Intention for 2018

To be honest: Over the last few years, I haven’t made any serious resolutions. Every year I have pretty much the same goals of reading more books, living a healthier lifestyle, and other similar [read: over-used] resolutions. While I don’t regret making any of these resolutions because overall I have accomplished each goal to an extent, this year I am looking for something bigger. Something I can look back in 365 days and blow myself away but also continue to work toward after each year. Which is why I prefer to refer to resolutions as intentions because to me they are more of life goals then something that needs to be resolved.


Intention 1: Get Control of Our Future

Each year, David and I work to have better financial stability. We have worked hard to pay down debts while still enjoying life sometimes. I feel like this year is the year to really get it together for our future. While I’m not sure what this looks exactly like right now, I know we can definitely upgrade to our next level of financial stability for not only our future, but our family’s future.

Intention 2: Better My Mental Wellness

As something that I believe naturally becomes better with age, I also believe that in order to have a better mental state that you do have to continue to work on it. A lot of people do some type of journaling and I think it’s time I join the club. Ideally, this can be done first thing in the morning to not only clear my mind of random thoughts or to-dos but also to list the thing I’m grateful for in my life. I think this will also help me to be more present with my family and friends.

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Intention 3: Boost My Health to the Next Level

Expanding my physical health is a natural continuation for bettering my mental wellness. For 2018, I want to continue to grow what I’ve already accomplished the past few years for my health. While this feels somewhat tricky with a new baby on the way, I understand that it is important to set my future self up for success by eating right and continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure my postnatal beach body will thank me while I try to keep up with 3 kiddos.

Intention 4: Gain More Information on Something Fun

While it might seem silly, I’ve decided that I’m going to learn more about skincare for 2018. While I am turning 30 next year, it has nothing to do with that but everything to do with wanting gorgeous, glowy skin. I mean, doesn’t every girl want that?! I’ve been wearing less makeup during my pregnancy, due to not feeling well and the overwhelming exhaustion, but I’ve also enjoyed not spending 15 minutes on my makeup. I seriously love playing with a full face of makeup but for everyday a 5-minute look is much more my style. Therefore, skincare and obtaining glowing skin is my new passion.

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What intentions are you setting for 2018?!



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