Gift Ideas to Make Your Momma Smile

Mother’s Day is very special holiday for many. Our mother’s bend over backwards from the moment they know we are theirs to ensure that we are always safe, healthy, and happy. Since becoming a mother, I now see this more clearly. Each one of my boys has taught me something different, something more precious. They have given me gifts that I don’t know that I would have otherwise. While it’s true that mothers would be fine having kisses and hugs, they do appreciate other gifts. I’ve used my own personal experience [plus a few close mom-friends] to gather some ideas that are sure to be a hit!

1. The Obvious Choice

Think sweet and sweets. Every mother would love breakfast in bed, flowers, and a box of chocolates. Top everyone off with a clean house and you’ll have one happy and relaxed momma!

2. The Relaxing Choice

Every mother would love a day of rest and relaxation. How about a spa day?! A massage and facial can help her feel like a whole new woman. Add a gift card to her favorite store for some fun shopping after she’s been primped and pampered. Bonus tip: Check Groupon for deals!

3. The All Day Choice

For the more active mommas out there, how about a hiking or zoo day? Pack a picnic and make a day of it. Family time is always a great gift!

4. The Over-the-Top Choice

Surprise momma with a girls weekend to a nearby or town. Sometimes a quick getaway is all a girl needs to get a spring back in her step.

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