Fresh Find: Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! I love a reason not to clean my house and make my family do want I want for a weekend. After all, I don’t feel much guilt if I make the boys all go and do girlie things for one weekend out of the year! Our plans are actually pretty low key this year. I think the only time we will be getting out of this house will be going to church. Honestly, that is perfectly fine with me. I’m looking forward to some baking and a serious movie night with the boys. On Wednesday, while I was at work, a package came for me. While I do a lot of ordering for my department, this box was a little different. I opened it to find a love letter from all my boys and chocolate covered strawberries! Be still my beating heart.

This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces from a little bit of everywhere. Enjoy!!

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Noteworthy News

Everyone needs a good laugh. I’ve been binge watching I Mom So Hard videos, which always guarantee sore sides.

I’m a lover of salty and chocolate. So, I have major plans for the boys to help me make these. YUM!

Low on funds but needing a spa day. Check out these DIY Beauty recipes!

What are your weekend plans?!?


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