Finding My Inner Peace

I’ve spent years on the edge of my seat, never feeling at peace. I’ve either been waiting for something to happen or I’ve been trying to make something happen. While I hate to think of myself as discontent, it’s been my truth. I’ve always been looking forward to when we bought a house, paid off our credit cards, graduated college, and so much more. About two years ago, I hit a wall… hard. I finally realized that if I spend my whole life waiting for the next big thing, it would never be enough. The saying that “tomorrow never comes” was as clear as the water after a storm. This realization has been hard sometimes but honestly, it’s been the best thing for me.

I finally feel like I can relax in my own space and that I can enjoy being in a moment. While I still have goals in my life, they don’t control me and my happiness. I think many may be dealing with these same issues, so I thought I’d share a few ways I was able to overcome this exhaustive state of mind.

Shake the FOMO

Although I’m not a hypochondriac, when I heard the term FOMO and what it meant, I knew I had it and that it was contagious. Living someone else’s life isn’t living your own and most of the time, we are trying to live their highlight reel. People’s adventures should be inspiring and not demanding or guilt-shaming of your own. I often find myself wishing that I could afford a purse out of my price range or a fabulous trip once a year. The thing is I can’t, but I can work hard to obtain those things. And I can appreciate what I have in this moment. I recently started a gratitude journal and it has greatly helped me to see what I have and appreciate what is in my life.

Find an Outlet

Any outlet that is creative, physical, or mental will do wonders for rebooting the mind. I can personally say that exercise makes a huge difference for me. Something about stepping away and exerting physical energy helps me think much more clearly. It’s amazing what 15 minutes in my own headspace can cure. I have actually completed a 180-degree change of heart by simply putting on some headphones or turning on a yoga video.  I also enjoy blogging and long baths, just not at the same time, to keep my sanity. You just have to find how to best clear your mind and restart at step one. While jumping all in is fun, sometimes it is more stressful than it’s worth.

Run Your Race

There is a lot of talk about the famous “digital detox” these days because we are over-connected and over-stimulated. Although the thought of a digital detox is stressful to me, I have to remember that it’s a detox, stressful to the body at first then overall relaxing and calming to the body and soul. It’s hard to find your own inner peace when you are staring at everyone else’s fabulous life, again read: highlight reel. Afraid you’ll be missed? Communicate that you will be offline for a few wellness days. Those who care will understand and be encouraging.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Family and friends can do wonder for your soul and mindset. Hosting a small, casual gathering or meeting for happy hour with your favorite people can always lift your spirits when you’ve been feeling down. Whether you need to get some things off your mind and talk them out or you just need to forget about your troubles, your biggest supporters will always have your back and pick you up if you are feeling down.



What are your tips for feeling fulfilled and happy in life?!

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