5 Easy Winter Soup Recipes

I’m a creature of habit. If the weather is cold, all I want is soup to eat. I want something warm and filling that preferably is full of carbs. Even though the weather has been pretty warm the last few weeks, I can’t help but crave the warmth of a big bowl of soup. Since my husband and I both work, after a long day we usually don’t want to cook. Although I love to cook, I don’t want to spend all night in my kitchen away from my family. Which is why I wanted to share five recipes that are quick, easy, and will guarantee to keep you warm through the winter season. Spoiler alert: my kids won’t eat any of these. I hope yours do!


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Broccoli-Cheese Soup

I actually made this yesterday and this recipe took me less than an hour to make! It’s simplicity allows for some creativeness, if desired, but it is totally unnecessary as the soup is delicious all by itself. I also loved that I was able to cook everything in one pot! Plus, the recipes makes so much that now I have leftovers for lunch this week!

Shared from: The Pioneer Woman

Slow Cooker Potato and Corn Chowder

This is not my first rodeo with Damn Delicious. I have loved and made many of her tasty recipes. I especially love to make this chowder, even when it gets warmer out. It is so easy to just set it and forget it. I almost always have a bag of potatoes and frozen corn on hand so this recipe is a staple in our house!

Shared from: Damn Delicious


Tomato Basil Soup

I have never liked canned soups. While I always was drawn to the ease of a can of tomato soup, I could never get past the taste. When David and I started dating, I started to venture into cooking. It wasn’t pretty at first but it has gotten much better. One recipe I still make is a very simple Tomato Basil Soup. With only 6 ingredients, it’s pretty hard to mess up. It also goes great with grilled cheese!

Shared from: Taste of Home

Creamy Tortellini and Sausage Soup

I actually haven’t made this soup yet but I’ve added it to my meals list for the end of December. Here’s the thing: what’s not to love? This soup has sausage, tortellini, and spinach [which allows me to think I’m getting some greens]. We will obviously have it with warm French bread, because carbs!

Shared from: Gimme Some Oven

Crockpot Green Chicken Chile Enchilada Soup

This is another recipe that caught my eye and was added to my list. I could not resist the siren call of the Tex-Mex! The good news is that I cannot think of a bad thing that could result from this soup! An added bonus being that this is another slow cooker recipe that will fill my home with the delicious smell of dinner after only spending a few minutes throwing it together!

Shared from: Chelsea’s Messy Apron


Feel free to share you favorite winter recipe below!


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