Healthy, Delicious, and Quick Breakfasts

I’m not a breakfast eater. I have tried and failed many times at becoming a breakfast eater. I often cannot eat more than a few bites if I eat when I get up and if I can, I often become nauseated soon after. For the last 5 years, my morning breakfast has been coffee and my morning snack has been treated more like breakfast. Since becoming pregnant and fighting off the nausea, I have started to eat breakfast before leaving for work. It started out as dry toast but it has honestly grown into so much more. Dare I say that I’m actually starting to look forward to breakfast in the morning?!

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Intention for 2018

To be honest: Over the last few years, I haven’t made any serious resolutions. Every year I have pretty much the same goals of reading more books, living a healthier lifestyle, and other similar [read: over-used] resolutions. While I don’t regret making any of these resolutions because overall I have accomplished each goal to an extent, this year I am looking for something bigger. Something I can look back in 365 days and blow myself away but also continue to work toward after each year. Which is why I prefer to refer to resolutions as intentions because to me they are more of life goals then something that needs to be resolved.

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The Tradition Continues

I tend to be a Grinch. It’s not that I don’t love the holiday season, it just takes me a while to get warmed up and excited to celebrate. While it tends to give most people energy, the last few years it has seemed to drain me. I think it is because we are always so busy during this time of the year. It seems like there is no time to just relax as a family or find some time for just me. The last few years I have finally found some ways to start getting excited about the holidays while not exhausting myself and my family, although let’s be honest – my children have limitless energy and seem to never be exhausted. If only I could be so lucky! Having some family traditions to look forward to that not only help to bring in the holiday spirit but also don’t keep us too busy have been uber helpful in warding off my Grinchiness.

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5 Easy Winter Soup Recipes

I’m a creature of habit. If the weather is cold, all I want is soup to eat. I want something warm and filling that preferably is full of carbs. Even though the weather has been pretty warm the last few weeks, I can’t help but crave the warmth of a big bowl of soup. Since my husband and I both work, after a long day we usually don’t want to cook. Although I love to cook, I don’t want to spend all night in my kitchen away from my family. Which is why I wanted to share five recipes that are quick, easy, and will guarantee to keep you warm through the winter season. Spoiler alert: my kids won’t eat any of these. I hope yours do!


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Fresh Find: The Season We’ve All Been Waiting For

Let the games begin! It’s finally the weekend and what a busy one it will be! The boys have their school festival tonight which means they should sleep hard. Which is great because we will be up early and heading to Stillwater on Saturday morning. I’m so excited to finally start tailgating again. While this isn’t the first game of the season, this will be the first home game that we actually will be on campus. Overall, it should be an eventful weekend!

Prepare for all the fall social media posts because they will be all over the place. With that being said, Happy First Day of Fall! On the first day of fall, we will be experiencing a heat wave which is not exactly what I had hoped for but what I am use to living in Oklahoma. The good news is there are some really great sales going on the weekend to help you prepare your closet for when the weather decides to cooperate! Read More »

My Lazy Guide to Fall Trends

Overall, I tend to stick to the classics. Stripes and basic colors are my best friend. The most I usually venture out is a pop of color. This is especially true with my workwear. Although I work an a University and our dress code is business casual, I find it hard to branch too far out. That being said, I’ve been reading some trend reports this fall and there are some trends that I am excited to try. I think I am mostly excited that some of the trends are wearable for work and out of the office, which I consider the ultimate win-win! On the other hand, I’m also sharing a couple trends that are not for me. Either way, these trends are all easy to accomplish!

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The Fall Recipes I’m Dying to Try

What month is it again?! It would appear that the last few months have gotten away from me. Both boys went to school this year. MJ is adjusting pretty well to PreK (or p-class as he calls it) and Gabe is enjoying the benefits of “looping” with his 1st grade teacher for 2nd grade. Work has finally somewhat slowed down for David and I since UCO is a few weeks into the fall semester. I am starting to really feel like I can breathe and think straight again. This weekend I sat down and made a true grocery list and searched through Pinterest for inspiration on what to cook. Here are a few things that caught my eye!

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The Sale Is Finally Here

The wait is over the and the time is finally now! It seems that every year, around this time, I find myself in a shopping rut. I tend to get stuck between the heat and humidity of summer and the dream of fall leaves and pumpkin spice everything. I have been perusing Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale for the last few days, drooling over item after item. After some narrowing down, I have created my picks and the best part is that they are all under $100!! My main focus while picking out items was affordable and livable. After all, beautiful clothes are amazing but if they aren’t livable, what is the point?! Read More »

Monday Motivations: Office Outfits

After our first summer weekend at home, I can finally say that I am feeling refreshed and accomplished. Our laundry is caught back up, I [finally!] bought groceries, and I got some much needed yard work done! We also managed to attend an anniversary party, birthday party, have a sleepover, and hit the pool twice over the weekend! It’s crazy how calm and relaxed I feel with all the activity we have had. Sometimes, you just need to have some family time and been in your own space for a few days.


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Fresh Find: Sparklers, Swimming, and 4th of July! Oh My!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!! Every year, we go to my in-laws lake house on Lake Eufaula for the 4th of July. There are 7 cousins on David’s side of the family and the kids love nothing more than to get together and play in the lake. This time is always full of memories and new traditions. Some of our older traditions include: antique shopping on rainy days, everyone having a dinner hosting night, and drink of the day specials. I will admit, we do not have cell service or wifi and it is always bittersweet. The best part is that I can get in some good reading!

If you aren’t going out of town and you have access to the internet, I would highly recommend hitting up some of the sales going on this weekend! Holidays always give stores the best excuse to have great sales, so be sure to take advantage! If you’re going away to where the wifi is weak, I’m sharing some book recommendations that make the perfect beach reads! Enjoy!
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